The rise of the female butchers

It’s amazing how many people are still surprised to see a woman butchering. When so many typical male oriented jobs are now proudly boasting that they have females amongst their ranks. Such as firefighter, army officer and prime minister to name but a few. There was even a film about a female butcher a couple of years ago. So why do so many people still have a preconsidered concecption of a butcher as a fat balding middle aged man like the statues we see out side the high street butchers shops. There are now many more woman working in the trade. Such as myself. I have been butchering since I was 11 years old. I’m now 26 but by no means know all there is to butchering. As there is always something I can improve on or a new quicker and better way of doing it. Also with our multinationalnation there are many more people asking for cuts of meat that they get back home and can’t find in our super markets. This often throws up surprises as all animals carcasses are the same from country to country but our way of cooking and cutting is so very different. For example the french call us ”Les ros boeuf”as we like our traditional Sunday roast. The french also seam out their carcasses much more than we do giving them many more cuts. And they have dedicated stalls selling offal something we no longer have. But that said our local names for a cut of meat varies from county to county. We have a book purely giving us the regional names of cuts of meat.

So far from butchery being an old traditional trade it is evolving with the changing times and with that it brings in more new faces and ideas to the trade. The days of the traditional butcher are changing but not always for the best. It is the age old thing of change, evolve, and grow to survive or these age old trades are going to be lost to the sands of time. And that would make the world a far different place with out the local friendly butcher shop on our now more empty high streets.

So buy local and help to keep this trade going for future generations.

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