The sheep

The ram has now gone back to the man I from whom I hired him from. With a bit of luck all of my ewes should be pregnant and lambs due in February through to the end of March.

All of my ewes are in fit condition so should have produced lots of eggs and be in good condition to go through the Winter, without to many problems. Ewes in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy need extra food as the grass dose not contain enough nurtrients for the ewe and her developing lamb(s). This can cause problems, like twin lamb disease which is a condition caused by lack of calcium. The ewe has for some reason been unable to eat enough food,weather it was because of the snow on the ground or having sore feet and being unable to get about.Because of this the growing lambs (only normal happens in ewes carrying twins hence the name twin lamb disease) has lost her resrves of calcium. But normal makes a full recovery if caught quickly and given an injunction of calcium and glucose they can be back on their feet in a matter of a few hours and back to normal.

But by making sure your ewes stay in good. Condition then you can help to prevent this and prevention is better than cure. But with all live stock keeping, nothing is a dead sert. Sometimes no matter what you do or the vet does the animal can’t be saved. Sheep seem to have a death wish. One old shepherd up in Scotland described sheep as having two wishes in life one is to escape and the other is to die. There are times when I wonder why I keep sheep. But like all farmers it’s in my blood. And the moment when you get your first lamb of the year, is a very special moment and the excitement of waking up and not knowing what you might find in the morning means that no day is ever the same or ever gets boring.

Finding a ewe with her live lambs next to her is always a special moment. Or when you’v got your arm up the back end of a ewe who is having problems lambing and pulling out the 1st live lamb and rubbing it to stimulate it to take it’s first breath and handing it back triumphantly to it’s elated mother to licked clean is some thing you can’t realy describe to any one. It is one of those thing where you realy have to be there. So for those reasons guess I will be farming for as lonh as I can. Not to sure if it’s a blessing or a curse but what ever it is. It’s just some thing that I love even though you work 24/7 some times with little to no rest and holidays are a luxury and sunny dry days are a lovly blessing from all the rain and cold. I would not change it for all the tea in china. You only have one crack at life so if you can spend it doing the things you love then you are one of the lucky ones like me.

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