As many of you may know at the farm we have 4 cats. They are as follows Simba a tabby who is 16 years old, Chole a tortishell who is 11 years old and Mars amd Mo two black and white brothers who are 11/2 years old.

But this is Simba story. We got Simba back in 1998 from a customer who had moved to Sawston and their cat had become a bit too friendly with the neighbour’s cat. We gave hime his name because we got him the same time that the Lion king came out and wanted to give him a big cat name and thorght Simba suited him.

Simba used to catch full grown rabbits when he was younger. he looked like a Lion carrying a gazelle. Having brought the rabbit home he would release it and let Meg our now saddly deceased border collie kill it. They would then share the rabbit meal, ever morning at a round 7 o’clock, till one morning Meg and Simba had a disagreement and he never brought another rabbit back for Meg again.

This cat is very distinguished with his bronzey- silver flecked coat daintly painted with thin black stripes, from head to tail.

He is a  very bright cat and it did not take take him long as a kitten to work out if he went to the builders yard or riding school at thir lunch time then he could get to sample some of thier sandwich guess this is why he is noe 3 foot long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. also because of his impressive size he has learnt that he does not need to bother with the whole meooow, thing when a simple meow said deep will draw your attention to the fact he is beside you, not that you can really miss him.

This cat has a really charming nature a true gentile giant, and a particuar favourite amoungst our customers as a simple head rub is greeted with his very thunderous purr.

He can now normally be found curled up snoring in his favourite spot on the sofa. That if you dare to sit in his, thenhis lordship parks him self on your lap. A polite way of letting you know that you have sat in his own privet spot.

Despite Simba now in icreasing age I’m sure he will go on for a few more years yet as nothing in his world is ever rushed. And every thing is done for a reason. He is just one of those cat’s that once you have met him, he is not easily forgotten for that reason he will go on for ever.

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