Our lame cows

This week we had to call the vet out .  As 3 of our cows had gone lame. At first we wondered if some thing had been washed up in the drinking hole. As all 3 cows were lame on the back left. On closer inspection we noticed that the drinking hole has many more flints visible. This is due to all the wet weather we had earlier on in the year and it washed away a bit more of the bank to expose the flints. The recent dry spell has also added to the problem by causing the ground to be harder than normal. So when the cows stood on the flints they do not sink into the ground and so prick the cows hooves causing them to go lame. The vet said that they have been getting lots of call outs to lame cows this year. It’s amazing how quickly a lame cow gets better with the correct  treatment from the vet. With in 2 days you would not know that there had been any thing wrong with them. Unlike humans who would still be limping. Just goes to show that a lot of the pain we feel is all in our heads. There is a lot to be said for just geting up and walking it off.

Dad many years ago broke his left ankle. When a shire horse knocked him over then stamped on his ankle. He thought that it was a bit sore but walked home. And thought no more off it till he went round a friends house. The friend was a vet and his girlfriend was a radiographer. They both took one look at his ankle and said ”whats wrong with your ankle?” Dad replied ” oh it swells up during the day and goes down at night”  they said ”thats broken!!” and insisted that he went to hospital. At hospital the x-ray revealed that he had indeed broken his ankle. He had been walking around on it for 3 weeks and chasing after cattle. The doctors gave him crutches and told him to rest it. Some thing no farmer is good at. Ps crutches make great sticks for loading pigs. That ankle never caused him any more problems.

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