What  lovely weather we have been having this week. On Sunday we were able to watch the Red Arrows perform as they lined up for their display over Duxford aerodrome. While sat outside in the sun shine with a cup of tea in hand.

sheep and lambs 2014 036      sheep and lambs 2014 028

This week Claire has been taking advantage of the exceptionally good weather by catching up on those jobs that have to be done. Such as hurdle painting not the most exciting of jobs but will mean that ever thing will be ready for the teeny tiny patter of little lamb feet in January.

Claire is very good at geting grey oxide paint every where. But dad suggested that claire use pig oil. Yes pig oil which is a lquid parrafin base to remove the paint. To claire’s surprise it worked. Some times not all of dads suggestions are silly.

The new ram is here and has already matted 6 of claire’s ewes. Some of the ewes seem to be more keen on him than others. But he has settled in well. Mum has give him the name of Big Daddy. As she thought he needed a name.

sheep and lambs 2014 014     sheep and lambs 2014 017

sheep and lambs 2014 019

Two more of our very pregant cows have calved. With out any help from us which is always the best way. as it means less stress on the cow and calf. Just anothter 10 more to go this year.

sheep and lambs 2014 040 sheep and lambs 2014 042

On Sunday we will be going to see our new pup. We are all very excited including Gwen ( our border coillie) as she has been much more playful than normal. Just goes to show that dogs can pick up on much more than we give them credit for.






This month things are going to be busy down here on the farm.

Claire has got a new ram coming on Sunday.
So should be lambing the end of January next year. All being well. (If a ram mates with a ewe on Bonfire night then you should get lambs on April fool’s day) Poll Dorsets sheep which Claire has can lamb a fort night earlier than this due to their breeding.

We also have a new border coille puppy coming in October.
To help Gwen out with our increasing number of cattle.
It can take as long as 3 years for border coille dogs to be fully trained and working well with cattle and sheep. It takes a strong coille to handle cattle as they can be very stubborn to move espicially cows with calves. Unlike sheep where the dogs presence and bark are enough to move them.

Also have a new boar coming to so we should have more piglets next year.
Have not told Polo,Spearmint,After Eight and Fruit Pastille yet.( these are the names of our sows) Ps it takes 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days for a sow to farrow.

There is one cow dad is keeping a close eye on as could calve any day now.
(They are pregnant for 9 months.)
He has said that one is close before and they have kept us waiting for a month!
But like all babies they come when they are ready.

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